Trelawny SPT are “ACTING ON CO2” with our New Battery TFP200

Trelawny SPT is on a journey to Net Zero by 2030 with a number of important Scope 3 initiatives working with our suppliers and customers alike on a global basis. Critical to our success and the planet is the introduction of new technologies aimed at reducing the end-user impact on the environment via our products.

Batterification is such a solution to replace gasoline-based motors and improve accessibility to work sites where air, (cabled) electricity, and gasoline solutions cannot access!

Trelawny SPT has completed extensive trials on the deployment of the Honda eGX battery motor and recharge unit. When used in combination with our famous TFP200 floor Planer/scarifier, productivity has remained high with the use of two batteries supplied for continuous operation.

This is the ideal replacement for traditional gasoline motor solutions, with a particular focus on indoor use.

All consumables and spares are available for the floor machine without modification from our well-known, tried and trusted machine.

Let’s talk about how battery solutions could assist your road to Net Zero productivity.

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Trelawny SPT are “ACTING ON CO2” with our New Battery TFP200

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