The MHS5 is the heavy duty floor scabbler of choice for fast reduction of levels.

Blows Per Min (BPM)1300 x 5
Air Hose Bore (Inlet Coupling 3/4" BSP claw)19mm (0.75”)
Removal Rate30m 2/hr (323ft 2/hr)
Depth of cut (Average) *3.0mm (1/8””)
Air Consumption (lps - cfm)38 - 80

Developed in conjunction with the ‘CITB - Construction Industry Training Board’.

Blows Per Min (BPM)2200 x 11
Air Hose Bore (Air Inlet Adaptor 3/4" BSP)19mm (0.75”)
Removal Rate28m 2/hr (300ft 2/hr)
Depth of cut (Average) *3.0mm (.118”)
Air Consumption (lps - cfm)26 - 55

Floor Scabbling Products

Trelawny scabblers use compressed air to hammer piston-mounted bits into the concrete surface. They tend to roughen the concrete surface more then grinding or scarifying. The Trelawny MH5 and MH11 are available with low vibration and dust free features, delivering ultimate productivity in a wide range of applications.

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