The LPS55 is a powerful long reach scabbler for vertically preparing hard-to-reach areas. At 1.4 metres in length, it allows scabbling below the reinforcement bar. The powerful blows quickly remove concrete without damaging the underlying substrate.

  • Fast reduction of levels
  • Correct preparation for new applications of concrete
  • Removal of heavy coatings
  • Removal of contaminated materials and coatings with safe containment via standard fit Trelawny TVS® vacuum shroud
  • 5 replaceable carbide tipped pin fit scabbling heads
  • Height adjustable handle for operator comfort
  • Heavy body gives control, performance and long service life
  • Efficient design gives 45% lower air consumption than the main competition without sacrificing performance
  • Fitted with a Trelawny Vibro-Lo™ vibration dampening system for operator comfort

The LPS55 is a powerful long reach scabbler for vertically preparing hard to reach areas.


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Key Specifications

Part Number 159.5050
Weight (kg) 114
Length (mm) 1100
Height (mm) 970
Width (mm) 720
Width at Handle Bar / Block Width 720 (28.34”) / 346 (13.62”)
Cutting Width (mm) 290 (11.4”)
Closest cut to wall 25 (.98”)
Blows Per Min (BPM) 1300 x 5
Air Hose Bore (Inlet Coupling 3/4″ BSP claw) 19mm (0.75”)
Removal Rate 30m 2/hr (323ft 2/hr)
Depth of cut (Average) * 3.0mm (1/8””), dependent on operator
Air Consumption (lps – cfm) 38 – 80
Noise Level (db (A)) 94.7
Vibration level (Aeq m/s2) 16.5
Vibration level (Aeq m/s2) (secondary 23.1
Part Number 159.6000
Weight (kg) 72
Length (mm) 340
Height (mm) 1290
Working Height (mm) 1295
Width (mm) 285
Cutting Width (mm) 250
Packaged Dimensions 305mm W x 356mm L x 813mm H
Blows Per Min (BPM) 2200 x 11
Air Hose Bore (Air Inlet Adaptor 3/4″ BSP) 19mm (0.75”)
Removal Rate 28m 2/hr (300ft 2/hr)
Depth of cut (Average) * 3.0mm (.118”)
Air Consumption (lps – cfm) 26 – 55
Noise Level (db (A)) 97
Noise LPA SPL 97.4 dB (A)
Noise LWA SWL 110.5dB (A)
Vibration level 5.0


Accessories & Consumables

Image Part Number Description
612.0125 One Piece Piston, Tungsten Carbide Tipped, Bush Hammer Head

To suit models 159.6050

612.0120 Screw Fit Piston to Fit Replaceable
To suit model 159.6000
426.5355 Screw Fit Bush Head

To suit model 159.6000

446.6000 MHS11 Service Kit (1 Piece Piston)

Consists of:

Single Piece Piston, Brush Seal & O’Ring (11 each)

Image Part Number Description
437.0120 Vacuum Shroud
815.5560 Whip Check
859.1580 ¾’’ BSP Inline Lubricator
458.1580 Whip Hose & Oiler Assembly

Consists of whip hose, whip check and ¾’’ lubricator

843.0752 ¾’’ Air Hose

Complete with couplings

15m length

What our Customers Say

An exceptional company that rescued us when another rental company had let us down. We have been able to get equipment delivered at short notice thanks to the team’s expertise and promptness. Highly recommend this company.

David Mills

The Trelawny 2ft Long Reach tool I purchased recently is great because it’s just as powerful as the electric tools, but as it’s air-powered, it can run continuously without needing any breaks.

Ian Harrison – Harrison Plastering

Productivity has exceeded our expectations. The tools are very robust plus we had a higher yield which increased our usual productivity by 50%

Group Works Manager DI Environment