A70 One

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  • Perfect partner for larger 3 phase surface preparation equipment such as TFP320 scarifier, TPG540 & TPG650 grinders
  • Also ideal for use with many other types of construction equipment with options for dust extraction
  • General cleaning of fine dust in many other industries
  • 100 Litre capacity for collection of dust and fluids
  • Automated filter cleaning mechanism with vacuum gauge to ensure optimum performance
  • 3 phase side channel blower motor for maximum performance, quiet operation and low maintenance
  • Class M primary filter with optional HEPA filter
  • Detachable bin with option to use disposable bags

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The A70 is the correct choice when you need a high performance dust collector for larger 3 phase surface preparation equipment.

Perfect for heavy duty round the clock use, the side channel blower type motor provides outstanding suction, low noise levels and virtually maintenance free operation.

The filter unit comprises 3 cartridge type filters giving 80.000cm² of filter surface, an automated (reverse pulse type) filter cleaning system ensures the filters remain in optimum condition.

Key Specifications
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