The single head model is suitable for smaller and hard to reach areas. Being lightweight and easy to handle they are perfect for reaching behind structures and up against bulkheads. The additional Vibro-Lo dampening system adds additional safety protecting the operator from harmful vibration. The triple head model give faster production for more open areas. All models feature easily replaceable beryllium copper heads which fracture heavy rust and coatings.

  • Removal of thick coatings, rust, and other accumulated materials
  • Coating spot repairs
  • Cleaning gas lines in preparation for inspection and repair.
  • Machinery and equipment cleaning in plants and factories
  • Concrete scabbling and preparation
  • For Gas Ex Zone Applications on rigs, petrochemical plants,
    pipelines, vessels, and shipyards
  • For Dust Ex Zones Applications such as cleaning machinery in
    processing industries where dust and powders are present
  • Single and triple head models suits a wide range of
  • ATEX certified for use without hot work permits
  • Low vibration model (single) protects operators
  • Quick fit beryllium copper heads fracture tough materials
  • Flexible handle options allow in-line and short handle
  • Standardised components overall SF Ex models for cost
    effective maintenance
  • The simple and robust design offers reduced and simple

Highly effective for quick removal of heavy scale and coatings.


Trelawny’s TFP & TCG ranges offer the option for you to brand the machine however you’d like. Stand out by using our vinyl wrap service to promote your brand and upsell other products in your range.

We’ll design your machine and work with you to include all elements available:

  • Logo
  • Website
  • QR code to training guide
  • Cross-sell products in your range
  • Upsell consumables and spares
  • Promote safety aspects

Key Specifications

Part No. 196.5110
IMPA Part No. N.A
ISSA Part No. N.A
Weight (kg) 2.5
Length (mm) 515
Working Height (mm) 140
Blows Per Min (BPM) 3000
Air Consumption (lps – cfm) 4.25-9
Noise Level (db (A)) 92.5
Vibration level (Aeq m/s2) 3.7


Part No. 153.5310
IMPA Part No. N.A
ISSA Part No. N.A
Weight (kg) 3.7
Length (mm) 450
Working Height (mm) 152.5
Blows Per Min (BPM) 3000 x 3
Air Consumption (lps – cfm) 5.2 – 11
Noise Level (db (A)) 92.7
Vibration level (Aeq m/s2) 13.4

Accessories & Consumables

Image Trelawny Part No. IMPA Part No. ISSA Part No. Description
606.5303 59.03.89 55.093.13 Cruciform taper fit cutter head
Beryllium copper spark resistant – for fracturing and removal of coatings
To fit 196.5110
612.5301 N.A N.A Piston to fit cutter heads
Image Part Number IMPA Part Number ISSA Part Number Description


N.A N.A VLSF1-EX Service Kit

VLSF1-EX Service Kit

614.5301 N.A N.A Brush Seal
421.3530 N.A N.A Anti-static Air hose 10 meters.

What our Customers Say

An exceptional company that rescued us when another rental company had let us down. We have been able to get equipment delivered at short notice thanks to the team’s expertise and promptness. Highly recommend this company.

David Mills

The Trelawny 2ft Long Reach tool I purchased recently is great because it’s just as powerful as the electric tools, but as it’s air-powered, it can run continuously without needing any breaks.

Ian Harrison – Harrison Plastering

Productivity has exceeded our expectations. The tools are very robust plus we had a higher yield which increased our usual productivity by 50%

Group Works Manager DI Environment