Specifically designed for hold cleaning on bulk carriers and cargo vessels of all sizes, the Hydraflex uses a combination of water and compressed air resulting in a powerful, tightly compressed jet of water able to reach up to 30 metres (100ft) They Hydraflex is ideal for the washing down of cargo residues in holds of bulk carries and general cargo vessels. Furthermore, it is equally effective and time saving for other cleaning operations, for example, a low cost maintenance of difficult to reach steel or concrete super structures. Only one operator is required and indeed a labour saving device essentially to reduce maintenance costs.

  • Hold tank cleaning
  • Removal of cargo residue, flaking paint and rust
  • Simple one man operation
  • Optional kits available
  • High quality non corrosive materials
  • Adjustable air and water pressure control valve
  • Shut off ball valve for both air and water supply for increased safety and simpler operations
  • Works on normal fire line and working air line on board



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Key Specifications

Part Number 342.HY50
IMPA Part Number 55.07.42
ISSA Part Number 55.085.10
Recommended Water Pressure 85
Estimated Air Pressure   100 – 6.9
Estimated Water Consumption 454 lpm
Estimated Air Consumption 33 lps
Recoil 43374
Weight (Hydraflex & Tripod) 14.1
Weight of Hydraflex 5.5
Weight of Tripod 8.6
Length of Hydraflex (included threaded adapter) 770
Length of tripod (closed) 1160
Height of tripod (open) 1027
Air Hose (minimum internal diameter) 20
Water hose (minimum internal diameter) 51
Instantaneous Coupling (Use Water Hose Adapter) 2½ BSP x 2″
Instantaneous Coupling (Use Water Hose Adapter) 2½ BSP x 2½”
Jet Reach (m – ft)   30 – 100

What our Customers Say

An exceptional company that rescued us when another rental company had let us down. We have been able to get equipment delivered at short notice thanks to the team’s expertise and promptness. Highly recommend this company.

David Mills

The Trelawny 2ft Long Reach tool I purchased recently is great because it’s just as powerful as the electric tools, but as it’s air-powered, it can run continuously without needing any breaks.

Ian Harrison – Harrison Plastering

Productivity has exceeded our expectations. The tools are very robust plus we had a higher yield which increased our usual productivity by 50%

Group Works Manager DI Environment