Client NameClient Name: TECHINT
Project AimProject Aim: Camisea Pipeline Maintenance

Trelawny SPT, a specialist UK manufacturer of tools & equipment for the construction and marine industries, has been very successful in cooperating with Techint in the use of its Peening Preparation Tool (PPT), which utilises the 3mm Rotopeen flaps in various sites in South America.

Techint is one of the largest engineering companies active in the construction of the massive CAMISEA pipeline project across the continent. The Rotopeen is used to remove the protective polyethylene coating from 16” to 26” diameter carbon steel grade APISL pipe work. Subsequently a weld of 25cm maximum is made and a new coating applied.

Techint specified the tool for this job because of the speed and efficiency with which the ‘Rotopeen’ can remove the coating and leave the desired profile. The durability of the tool has meant that the job has been completed with the same units but with a change to the consumable abrasive only after every 6 applications.

The Rotopeen is a lightweight, versatile tool which can be used to remove mastics, alkyds or epoxy coatings dependant on the cutting media used. It can be used at various angles of attack to remove coatings up to 100 microns, from curved surfaces or piping and produce profiles on both steel and concrete. Pneumatic and electric versions are available which are lightweight, weighing from 3kg – 4kg. Using the ‘Rotopeen’ ‘C’ flaps, the tool will imitate a shot blast finish.

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