Goodyear Tyres

Client NameClient Name: Goodyear Tyres
Project AimProject Aim: Surface Cleaning
ToolTool: Pneumatic Long Reach Scaler

The Trelawny SPT Long Reach scraper is the perfect tool for removing built up deposits from floors, walls and machinery in industrial plants and factories. A recent product demonstration saw the tool put to work removing rubber build up from the floors of a Goodyear tyre factory.

The factory’s manufacturing processes lead to a large build-up of rubber that needs to be removed from the floors. Current manual methods are slow, ineffective and labour intensive necessitating long clean-up periods and reducing productivity.

The Long Reach made simple work of the job, the 102mm scraper blade quickly cutting through the built up material leaving a clean floor ready to resume production.

The easy to handle tool allows the operator full control to clean the surface without damaging the tiles.

The Trelawny Long Reach Scraper range are versatile tools for chipping and scraping tiles, adhesives, screed and vinyl along with many other cleaning and industrial applications.

Available in a range of lengths from 2ft up to 6ft, Long reach tools eliminate the need for manual labour, they are quite literally a back saver! The aluminium “Lite” version is perfect for jobs that require working overhead, or accessing hard to reach areas, such as tank cleaning.

Available with a wide selection of chisels and blades, they are perfect for renovation, flooring contractors, roofing, demolition and asbestos abatement.

Features and Benefits

  • Quick change chisel release
  • Unique ‘LITE’ range: lightweight models
  • Available in 2ft, 4ft, 5ft and 6ft lengths
  • Three tools in one: chipping, scraping, de-scaling
  • Requires only 4.5 CFM of air: extremely cost effective needing only a small portable compressor
Goodyear tyres 3
Goodyear Tyres

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