Faversham Barge

Client NameClient Name: Faversham Barge
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ToolTool: Needle Scaler

Trelawny has been involved in a very ambitious project: the restoration of a historic Dutch barge. The one man project was completed with the help of a Trelawny VL303 Needle Scaler, which was used in various area of the barge for descaling and cleaning purposes.

Currently based in Faversham (Kent), the Dutch barge was built in 1925 and measures 78ft x 13ft. The first job of the Needle Scaler was to remove bitumen and rust off the surface while the barge was in dry dock.

The VL303 Needle Scaler was the ideal choice as it has very low levels of vibration, making it the safest and most efficient tool for the job.

The barge needed to be cleaned to a bare metal finish, including hard to access and curved areas where the VL303 has once again proven very successful.

After 6 weeks of hard work cleaning the whole surface of the barge, a Marine surveyor described it as an “incredible finish”.

Other jobs completed with the help of the VL303 Needle Scaler included, removal of all the paint and cleaning of the anchor prior to recoating.

The barge is now back in the water ready for more restoration work.

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