Anglia Waterblast

Client NameClient Name: Anglia Waterblast LTD
Project AimProject Aim: Removing Corrosion
ToolTool: SF11 Deck Scaler

Trelawny were only too pleased to offer a suitable solution of two “Scaleforce Eleven” (SF11) pneumatic deck de-scalers, when a client was recently faced with a corrosion removal problem to be achieved within a tight deadline.

Anglia Waterblast Ltd, a professional surface preparation contracting company based in East Anglia, UK, were given the task of removing several layers of corrosion from a ship’s deck. The corrosion, (¼” (6mm) thick in some places), had to be removed from an area of 3000m2 prior to re-coating, within just one weekend whilst the ship was docked.

Although Anglia Waterblast already had other types of surface preparation equipment within their range (including electrically driven floor blasters). The purchase of the two SF11’s however proved far better than they could have imagined. By using the SF11’s to do the hard work of initially breaking up the thick corrosion, 80% of the whole task was completed with the two Trelawny machines, reducing the anticipated duration considerably, as well as reducing the cost and time on blasting.

The low vibration SF11 multi-headed de-scaler was an ideal machine for the project – having been designed to effectively remove salt-water corrosion, paint and heavy scale from large areas of deck and tank floor.

Mel Mitchell from Anglia Waterblast Ltd said “We provide different preparation systems depending entirely on the needs of the customer. We felt the SF11 would be a valuable asset to compliment our existing range, and were delighted with the results. The machines have now also been used successfully for a series of other projects”.

The compact design of the SF11 allows scaling up to wall edges, and the scaler’s special low profile, coupled with a handle, which lowers in-line with the head, permits access under pipes and around deck obstructions where other machines cannot reach.

The SF11 also incorporates Trelawny’s highly effective Vibro-Lo™ vibration reducing technology. A duplex rubber mounting system reduces vibration from being transmitted back to the operator, making the scaler safer to use and more comfortable to handle for longer periods than standard vibration machines.

Check out the SF11 here.

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