Trelawny scabblers use compressed air to hammer piston-mounted bits into the concrete surface. They tend to roughen the concrete surface more then grinding or scarifying. The Trelawny MH5 and MH11 are available with low vibration and dust free features, delivering ultimate productivity in a wide range of applications.

With 11 pistons giving 24,000 light blows per minute, the MHS 11 is a unique Trelawny design developed in conjunction with the CITB - Construction Industry Training Board . The MHS 11 is a low vibration (Vibro-Lo™) scabbler that can be fitter with a vacuum shroud for protection of operators and surrounding environment.

Trelawny's heavy durty scabbler, the MHS 5 is fitted with 5 carbide tipped head to produce a heavy key. This powerful floor scabbler is perfect for production a heavy prior to the application of fresh concrete and overlays. A TVS™ vacuum shroud is also available for the safe removal of contaminated materials and coatings.

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