IMPA Codes - Quick Reference Guide

IMPA was formed in 1978 by a group of senior purchasing executives who wanted to create an industry 'voice' to represent the interests of the purchasing profession within shipping and promote close co-operation and understanding between buyer and supplier.

Over the past 39 years the association has grown significantly and now represents over 700 members from across the world; ship owners, operators and managers' account for Purchaser members and manufacturers and ship suppliers make up Supplier members.

IMPA Part NoTrelawny Part NoDescription
59.03.84196.5095SF1 VL S/Scaler Taper Piston
59.03.85426.5351Scaler Head Carbide X Form
59.03.89606.5303Scaler Head BeCu
59.03.98426.5351Scaler Head Carbide X Form
59.03.99606.5303Scaler Head BeCu
59.04.00159.593SF11 Beryllium Spark-Res Heads
59.04.05159.591SF11 Scale Force 11 Scaler
59.04.30705.1112Chisel 5/8” Hex 8x4 Alu-Br
59.04.45431.3504Scraper S/A 100mm 5/8”Hex.
59.04.50136.3498Long Reach Lite 4ft
59.04.51136.32Long Reach Scaler 2ft
59.04.52136.34Long Reach Scaler 4ft
59.04.53136.35Long Reach Scaler 5ft
59.04.54136.36Long Reach Scaler 6ft
59.04.55705.1106Chisel 5/8” Hex. 9x2
59.04.56705.1102Chisel 5/8” Hex. 8x4
59.04.57431.3508Scraper S/A 200mm 5/8 Hex
59.04.58431.3512Scraper S/A 300mm 5/8 Hex
59.04.59136.3598Long Reach Lite 5ft
59.04.60136.3698Long Reach Lite 6ft
59.04.81121.22B Needle Scaler
59.04.82123.212BPG Needle Scaler
59.04.83133.313BPG Needle Scaler
59.04.84131.33B Needle Scaler
59.04.85415.35323mm Needle Attach For L.R.
59.04.86452.1112mm Flat Needles x 100
59.04.87453.2113mm Chisel Needles x 100
59.04.88453.3113mm Pointed Needles x 100
59.04.89453.1113mm Flat Needles x 100
59.04.92454.11054mm Flat Needles x 50
59.05.00196.2003VL203 Needle Scaler
59.05.01601.2002Needle Holder 2mm 2B
59.05.02601.2002Needle Holder 2mm 2B
59.05.03601.3002Needle Holder 2mm 3B
59.05.04601.2003Needle Holder 3mm 2B
59.05.05601.2003Needle Holder 3mm 2B
59.05.06601.3003Needle Holder 3mm 3B
59.05.07601.4003Needle Holder 3mm 4B
59.05.08601.3004Needle Holder 4mm 3B
59.05.09601.4004Needle Holder 4mm 4B
59.05.10196.3003VL303 Challenger Needle Scaler
59.05.13196.2203VL203 Challenger Chisel Scaler
59.05.14196.3203VL303 Challenger Chisel Scaler
59.05.18196.2103VL223 Inline Needle Scaler
59.05.19196.2213VL223 Inline Chisel Scaler
59.05.81124.222B Chisel Scaler
59.05.82125.232BPG Chisel Scaler
59.05.83135.333BPG Chisel Scaler
59.05.84134.323B Chisel Scaler
59.05.91704.1101Chisel 1/2” sq 7x3/4
59.05.92704.1107Chisel 1/2” sq. 10x3/4
59.05.93704.1103Chisel 1/2” sq. 7x2.1/2
59.05.94704.1105Chisel 1/2” sq. 10x2.1/2
59.05.95704.2105Chisel 1/2” sq cranked
59.05.97704.111Chisel 1/2” sq.7x2 Alu.Br
59.05.98720.2003VL203/223 Arrester Clamp Assy
59.05.99720.3003VL303 Arrester Clamp Assy
59.07.40342.HY50THydraflex Kit with Base (Red)
59.07.42342.HY50Hydraflex Kit
59.07.46342.HY03Hose Coupling Water 2 1/2x21/2
59.07.47342.HY04Hose Coupling Water 2 1/2”x2”
59.07.48342.HY05Adaptor 2” BSP Instantaneous
59.07.49342.HY072” Hydraflex Ball Valve
59.07.50342.HY60AHydraflex Base Assembly
59.12.41340.TN/S/110Trident Neptune 110V 50/60Hz
59.12.42340.TN/S/220Trident Neptune 220V 50/60Hz
59.12.75340.55Heavy Duty Scaling Head
IMPA Part NoTrelawny Part NoDescription
59.12.76340.551/2Side Plate Assorted Heads 2 of
59.12.77340.552Bolt for 340.550/340.548 Heads
59.12.78340.584/50Washer For 340.550/340.548 x50
59.12.79340.347Chipping Leaf for Scaler
59.12.81340.490/STrident Neptune Kit Air Power
59.12.86340.5816-Cutter Scaling Head
59.12.87340.575/2Side Plate For 340.581 2off
59.12.88340.581/ABolt kit 340.581 Head.
59.12.89340.332Cutter Wheel
59.12.90340.583Pins For 6-Cutter Head
59.12.91340.163Twisted Knot Brush 6”D x 5/8”B
59.12.92340.559Brush Arbor for 340.163 Brush
59.12.93340.16Power Brush 6” Dia.
59.12.94340.558Brush Arbor for 340.160 Brush
59.12.95340.167Twist Knot Cup Brush 5/8” Bore
59.12.96340.557Brush Arbor for 340.166 Brush
59.12.97340.166Crimp Wire Cup Brush 5/8”Bore
59.12.98340.633Hand Guard For Trident Drive
59.12.99340.285Flexible Drive 9Ft. x 5/8” Dia
59.19.01704.3101Vibro-Lo Chisel 1/2”Sq x 3/4”
59.19.02704.3103Vibro-Lo Chisel 1/2” 7x2.1/2”
59.19.03704.311Vibro-Lo Chisel 1/2”Sq Al.Brnz
59.19.04704.3205Vibro-Lo 1/2” Chisel Cranked
59.19.05704.3107Vibro-Lo 1/2”Sq Chisel 10x3/4”
59.22.31320.2012TTFP200 Air TCT
59.22.34320.2002TTFP200 110v 1ph 50Hz TCT
59.22.35320.2016TTFP200 110v 1ph 60hz TCT
59.22.36320.2004TTFP200 230v 1ph 50/60Hz TCT
59.22.37320.2006TTFP200 415V 3ph 50/60Hz TCT
59.22.41320.555 Point TCT Cutter
59.22.42320.3658Star Cutter
59.22.43320.512Beam Cutter Single
59.22.44320.961Crimped Wire Brush Assembly
59.22.45320.962Twist Knot Wire Brush Assembly
59.22.47320.002HDrum H/Duty c/w 12mm Shafts
59.22.49320.002Flail Shaft 12mm
59.22.51194.02052” PPT Air C - Flaps
59.22.52194.04054” PPT Air C Flaps
59.22.53194.C2052” PPT Air Star Cutters
59.22.54194.C4054” PPT Air with Star Cutters
59.22.55195.C2212” PPT Elec 230v Star Cutters
59.22.56312.S200Star Cutter
59.22.57312.R200Beam Cutter
59.22.58312.MRPC3M 2” Heavy Duty Rotopeen/C
59.22.91438.02092” Cutter Hub Assembly
59.22.92438.04094” Cutter Hub Assembly
59.22.93438.02052” Rotopeen Hub (inc pins)
59.22.94438.04054”  Rotopeen Hub (inc pins)
59.25.01418.22TVS Front Tube 2B/2BPG & cuff
59.25.02418.3043B/3BPG Vac Take-off  inc cuff
59.25.03139.22B TVS Scaler with Cuffs
59.25.04139.21072BPG TVS N/Scaler NPT
59.25.05139.31073BPG TVS Needle Scaler NPT
59.25.06418.2003TVS Vacuum Take-off VL203/223
59.25.07418.3003TVS Vacuum Take-off VL303
59.25.08139.2103VL223 TVS Needle Scaler Kit
59.25.09139.2003VL203 TVS Needle Scaler Kit
59.25.10139.3003VL303 TVS Needle Scaler Kit
59.25.21705.1101Chisel 5/8” Hex 9x1
59.25.22705.2102Chisel 5/8” Hex 4” cranked
59.25.23708.11Comb Holder 5/8” Hex.
59.25.24708.1101Comb 1 1/2” Wide
59.25.25431.3904Scraper S/A 100mm Bevelled
59.25.26431.3908Scraper S/A 200mm Bevelled
59.25.27431.3912Scraper S/A 300mm Bevelled