Trelawny's Peening Preparation Tool (PPT) is designed for applications that require an alternative to shot blasting.

Height (mm) 150
Width (mm) 170
Length (mm) 345
Working width (mm) 50
Maximum Cutting Depth (mm) 3
Vacuum Take off Diameter (mm) 38
Working distance from wall (mm) 55

Handheld Scarifiers

Trelawny’s Peening Preparation tool (PPT) is designed for applications where open blasting may not be possible or simply as a fast economical way of effectively carrying out surface preparation in small or remote areas. It is ideal for preparing flat or large vertical areas such as beams, girders and tanks.

The PPT's available with a range of cutters to suit a wide variety of applications.

The integrated dust shroud allows the connection of a dust collector for the protection of operators and the surrounding environment.