Featured Health & Safety Benefits
Compatible with Trelawny Vacuum Systems

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200mm Floor Scarifier - Petrol, electric & pneumatic power options

TFP200 eight
Featured Health & Safety Benefits
Compatible with Trelawny Vacuum Systems


  • Suitable when manoeuvrability is important
  • Removal of hard coatings
  • Levelling and removing layers of hard materials such as concrete
  • Removing painted lines
  • Grooving and texturing concrete
  • Removal of coatings and scale from steel surfaces


  • 195mm cutting width
  • Easy to use, maintain and manoeuvre
  • Precise screw type cutter height adjustment for accurate removal and milling
  • Angled dust port allows connection of industrial dust collector giving virtually dust free performance
  • Choice of electric, petrol and pneumatic power sources for operation in a wide range of applications

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The smallest in the TFP range of scarifiers the TFP200 is perfect for Small to medium jobs.

The ridged steel chassis ensures a strong, stable machine suitable for accurate surface preparation of concrete and steel surfaces, removing coatings, levelling and texturing.

The TFP200 is also our most popular machine for equipment hire fleets, a versatile range of power options together with simple operation and maintenance makes it the machine of choice for a demanding industry.

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