Scale Force 5″ Speed Disc

Scale Force 5″ Speed Disc

Versatile 5 inch, generic hand grinder fitment, SF Speed Disc. Removes coatings, rust and corrosion in seconds. This long life consumable is ideal for all areas of Industrial and Marine applications where years of coating build up needs to be removed without damaging the steel beneath. Unlike traditional grinding discs the SF Speed Disc flexes under pressure to protect the bare metal from damage.

  • Manual removal of coatings on steel and metal
  • Ideal for pre-welding clean up, or post weld spatter finishing
  • Dirt & Millscale removal and corrosion.
  • Use as a pre re-coating process with needle scaling where necessary.
  • Silicone Carbide abrasive, synthetic fibre disc
  • Open web construction for fast cutting action on all metal surfaces
  • Safer than wire bristle tools, with 2x longer life.
  • Low Vibration solution to fit any hand grinder
  • 10pcs per carton, colour Red
  • 5 inch fitment, 8000rpm max
  • Generic grinder fitment. Bore: 12.7mm Thick, 152.4mm dia

Fast removal of coatings and steel surface corrosion without damage to the base steel


Trelawny’s TFP & TCG ranges offer the option for you to brand the machine however you’d like. Stand out by using our vinyl wrap service to promote your brand and upsell other products in your range.

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What our Customers Say

An exceptional company that rescued us when another rental company had let us down. We have been able to get equipment delivered at short notice thanks to the team’s expertise and promptness. Highly recommend this company.

David Mills

The Trelawny 2ft Long Reach tool I purchased recently is great because it’s just as powerful as the electric tools, but as it’s air-powered, it can run continuously without needing any breaks.

Ian Harrison – Harrison Plastering

Productivity has exceeded our expectations. The tools are very robust plus we had a higher yield which increased our usual productivity by 50%

Group Works Manager DI Environment