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Needle & Chisel Scalers

Trelawny’s range of needle scalers and chisel scalers are the ideal de-scaling tools for the Construction and Marine industries. They offer safe working levels of vibrations, making them the preferred option for companies seeking high performance. With needle and chisel scalers, companies can ensure that their descaling tasks are done quickly and efficiently with minimal risk.

Why choose Trelawny Needle Scalers and Chisel Scalers?

Needle scalers and chisel scalers are ideal tools for tackling various tasks. From cleaning and stress-relieving weld seams and joints to texturing concrete or removing coatings, corrosion and other accumulated materials, scalers and chisel scalers can do the job. Not only are they powerful and effective, but they are also safe, as they reduce the risk of injury from using manual tools. With a pneumatic needle scaler or chisel scaler, you can get into tight spaces and remove stubborn material quickly and efficiently. 

  • Trelawny needle scalers are designed for efficiency, requiring no additional tools for changing needles. 
  • Our range of needle scalers can also be changed into chisel scalers with the quick change tooling option. 
  • Unique Vibro-Lo™ vibration reduction system giving levels up to 8 times lower than standard for improved productivity.
  • Trelawny Tools are fully serviceable and come with a one year warranty
  • Quality engineered to exceed industry expectations
  • Easy to control and manoeuvre, making them perfect for detailed coating and corrosion removal work.
  • TVS Dust shroud attachment are advised for dust and debris containment supporting the HSE (HSG258, HSE Info Sheet 69, HSE info Sheet 36 rev 3). Needle scalers can be used with the Trelawny range of TVS vacuums to create a dust free working environment. 

Applications of industrial grade Needle and Chisel Scalers

There are many applications and uses for the Trelawny needle and chisel scalers that can be used in various industries, including the construction and marine industries. Some of the applications are listed below: 

  • Surface preparation for the removal of coatings, corrosion and other accumulated materials
  • Slag removal and stress-relieving welds
  • Cleaning and texturising concrete for repair work
  • Chisel for scaling thick rust areas
  • Cleaning concrete mixers, formwork and machinery
  • The ATEX series is the ideal solution for corrosion management in high-risk environments such as natural gas installations, oil and LNG tankers, refineries,  gas works, oil drilling platforms, petrochemical plants and shipyards.

Our range of Needle Scalers

Low vibration VL ranges: Vibro-Lo™. Available in inline and pistol grip versions, the VL203, VL223 and VL303 can be used on various applications. The VL range of needle scalers and chisel scalers offer outstanding performance and safety. The design features a unique vibration reduction system, ensuring low levels of vibration, increase in blows per minute (B.P.M) and reduced air consumption.

Needle & Chisel Scalers