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Grinders & Polishers

Floor grinders use a horizontal rotating disc to perform a multitude of tasks, commonly fitted with diamonds or other hard abrasives to level, smooth and clean the surface.

Ranging in size from single-disc units for working in small or restricted areas to dual and triple disc machines for high production grinding of large slabs.

All Trelawny machines are equipped with vacuum ports for dust-free dry grinding and include a water attachment for wet grinding options.

Grinders can serve multiple functions and are generally more adaptable than other types of surface prep equipment, especially when it comes to decorative work. They are a good solution for profiling floors before application of thin coatings or paints because they won’t create ridges in the surface, where a scarifier will.

Other applications include breaking up deposits of grease, dirt and industrial contaminants and levelling uneven joints or high spots. Many contractors also use grinders with finer-grit abrasives to polish concrete surfaces.

Grinders & Polishers