case study: U.N Ro-Ro Isletmeleris

main pic
company - U.N Ro-Ro Isletmeleris
vessel - U.N Marmara
project - Recoating Decks
machine - tfp200 deck scaler

U.N Ro-Ro is a Turkish shipping company. Established in 1994, they operate 12 vessels which transport freight to European countries from Turkey.

The cargo deck has freight trucks and trailers weighing between 20 and 40 tons loaded and unloaded onto the ship. The maneuvering of trucks and trailers as well as salt water coming onto the deck damage the surface.

The aim of this project was to resurface the decks and give it a brand new look and feel. They decided to use Trelawny’s TFP200 because it was designed with a 200mm cutting width, increasing the surface area that can be treated at one given time, its precise screw type scaling head adjustment, and its easy to manoeuvre design.

Check out the Trelawny TFP200 Deck Scaler here.