Up against a tight deadline or budget...

...unforeseen issues with your concrete or steel surface?

Trelawny SPT products have been at the aid of the construction industry for over 60 years.

The key recommendation is to ensure equipment is available on site from the outset of any project to avoid costly delays. When this is not possible, Trelawny's global distribution network have the right tools and equipment to be at your site without delay.

The use of our TVS (Tool Vacuum Systems) with all our major products vastly reduces the post operation clean up time and improves your Health & Safety standards whilst getting your project back on schedule.

Contact Trelawny or a Trelawny product stockist now to discuss your surface related needs.

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What existing customers say

"Thank you for the exceptional speedy service your company has achieved for me. This must be mentioned as I have never come across such high levels of service and communication in my whole life of trading; no other company has come close. Trelawny SPT has met and exceeded my expectations by 120%!"

Andy Gunton, MLP Ltd, United Kingdom