Construction Markets

Surface preparation within the construction industry demands a fast and efficient solution to an identified problem. Trelawny SPT tools, produced in the UK, is the essential brand of surface correction & preparation equipment for all construction projects around the world.

If you wait to discover a problem, it's already costing you both time and money.

Trelawny recommend to equipment any construction project, from the outset, to avoid costly delays due to unforeseen surface quality problems.

Our range of walk behind and hand tools address a wide number of surface applications including paint and coatings removal on walls and floors, or removing up to 20mm of concrete floor in a single pass. Perfect for leveling uneven concrete pours, or poorly aligned slabs.

Heavy construction equipment also requires maintenance which can be addressed with Trelawny hand tools including smaller items such as a skid steer bucket or a mixers that can be resurfaced prior to painting with the use of our needle scaler products as part of your preventative maintenance program.

Trelawny SPT has for 60 years played an important role in supporting the global construction sector. How can we support you?