Low vibration options available

VIBRO LO™ Needle & Chisel Scalers

Pistol Grip tool offering the ideal balance of weight and performance for many scaling applications.

Overall Length 340mm
Weight (kg) 2.70
Noise Level Lwa db(A) 90.7
Vibration level 2.75
Blows Per Minute 2400
Air Consumption (@ 6.2bar) 1.89lps (4.0cfm)

*Based on needle scaler model

Outstanding performance, high quality, innovative design and low vibration.

Overall Length 370mm
Weight (kg) 2.35
Noise Level Lwa db(A) 90.7
Vibration level 2.55
Blows Per Minute 2400
Air Consumption (@ 6.2bar) 1.89lps (4.0cfm)

*Based on needle scaler model

Pistol Grip tool designed for the most demanding applications. Makes light work of removing heavy coatings.

Overall Length (mm) 370
Weight (kg) 3.51kg
Noise Level LwA
Vibration Level 2.3
Blows per min (BPM) 3000
Air Consumption
(lps - cfm)
2.6 - 5.5

*Based on needle scaler model

Needle & Chisel Scaler Products

Trelawny's range of needle and chisel scalers are the ideal de-scaling tools for the Construction and Marine industries. They offer safe working levels of vibrations making them the prefered option for companies seeking high performance.

The needle scalers are designed for efficiency, as they require no additional tools for changing needles. The range of needle scalers can also be changed into chisel scalers with the quick change tooling option. Trelawny's needle scalers

With the dust shroud attachment available, the needle scalers can be used with the Trelawny range of vacuums to create a dust free working environment. Trelawny's range of needle scalers includes the low vibration VL ranges: Vibro-Lo™ . Available in inline and pistol grip version, the VL203, VL223 and VL303 can be used on a wide variety of applications. The VL range of needle scalers and chisel scalers offer outstanding performance and safety: the design features a unique vibration reduction system, ensuring low levels of vibration, increase in blows per minute (B.P.M) and a reduction in air consumption.