LR Chisel 2

The Trelawny Long Reach Scaler is the perfect tool for removing multiple types of industrial & domestic floor & wall coverings such as tiles, render, plaster, carpet & other material build-ups. A recent project being undertaken by a new customer saw the Long Reach tool being used to remove external rendering from a property in the Midlands.

Here’s what Ian Harrison of Harrison Plastering said about using the Trelawny Long Reach, “I’ve always used electric breaker/kango style tools in the past for removing larger areas of render and tiles but always found them heavy and cumbersome to use...

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Deck hammer Vibro Lo

Trelawny were only too pleased to offer a suitable solution of two “Scaleforce Eleven” (SF11) pneumatic deck de-scalers, when a client was recently faced with a corrosion removal problem to be achieved within a tight deadline. Anglia Waterblast Ltd, a professional surface preparation contracting company based in East Anglia, UK, were given the task of removing several layers of corrosion from a ship’s deck. The corrosion, (¼” (6mm) thick in some places), had to be removed from an area of 3000m2 prior to re-coating, within just one weekend whilst the ship was docked...

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Specialist Asbestos Abatement contractor DI Environment contacted Trelawny to assist with the removal of contaminated paint from IPN steel beams at a Paris railway station. The 52 beams required the removal and disposal of all lead and asbestos coatings before re-coating with an Intumescent paint providing passive fire protection to the stations internal steel structure...

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The Doha metro is one of the largest and prominent projects in Qatar currently under construction. Phase one of the project, due to be operational in 2020, comprises of 3 of the four lines (Red, Green and Gold) with 37 stations. Trelawny’s exclusive distributor in Qatar, Gulf Incon, has seen record sales this year as a result of major projects such as the metro and extensive road and infrastructure developments...

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Trelawny has been involved in a very ambitious project: the restoration of a historic Dutch barge. The one man project was completed with the help of a Trelawny VL303 needle scaler, which was used in various area of the barge for descaling and cleaning purposes. Currently based in Faversham (Kent), the Dutch barge was built in 1925 and measures 78ft x 13ft. The first job of the Needle Scaler was to remove bitumen and rust off the surface while the barge was in dry dock...

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The Trelawny VL303 Low Vibration Needle Scaler has once again been put through its paces in yet another mammoth challenge; maintenance works on the 18th century Flatholm Lighthouse in the Bristol Channel. MPS Contracts, a company specialising in maintenance and painting works, were awarded the contract to repaint the lighthouse. The project provided many challenges not least the location itself; “Flatholm Island is a very
important Bird Sanctuary so work was limited to non-breeding times and heavy materials had to be transported to and fro by helicopter” said project manager for MPS Contracts Stephen Miller “MPS Contracts specialise in awkward access projects, such as lighthouses.”...

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Long Reach Paint Removal (18)

The Trelawny SPT Long Reach scraper is the perfect tool for removing built up deposits from floors, walls and machinery in industrial plants and factories. A recent product demonstration saw the tool put to work removing rubber build up from the floors of a Goodyear tyre factory. The factory’s manufacturing processes lead to a large build-up of rubber that needs to be removed from the floors. Current manual methods are slow, ineffective and labour intensive necessitating long clean up periods and reducing productivity. The Long Reach made simple work of the job, the 102mm scraper blade quickly cutting through the built up material leaving a clean floor ready to resume production...

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The unique Trelawny Pole Tamper VL LRS55 has recently been 3 innovative workshops lead by international architects who came to turkey to learn the rammed earth technique in real conditions. Under the lead of Timur Ersen Architecte HMONP, several projects were conducted where Earth is poured in layers into a mould and compressed mechanically in order to build various types of structures, for example houses. Rammed earth is a very solid material once compressed using Tampers such as Trelawny VL LRS55: its density is similar to concrete and its specific weight varies from 1,8 to 2,2 per cubic meter...

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Peening Preparation Tool Steel Application

Trelawny SPT, a specialist UK manufacturer of tools & equipment for the construction and marine industries, has been very successful in cooperating with Techint in the use of its Peening Preparation Tool (PPT), which utilises the 3mm Rotopeen flaps in various sites in South America. Techint is one of the largest engineering companies active in the construction of the massive CAMISEA pipeline project across the continent. The Rotopeen is used to remove the protective polyethylene coating from 16” to 26” diameter carbon steel grade APISL pipe work. Subsequently a weld of 25cms maximum is made and a new coating applied...

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U.N Ro-Ro is a Turkish shipping company. Established in 1994, they operate 12 vessels which transport freight to European countries from Turkey. The cargo deck has freight trucks and trailers weighing between 20 and 40 tons loaded and unloaded onto the ship. The manoeuvring of trucks and trailers as well as salt water coming onto the deck damage the surface as shown. The aim of this project was to resurface the decks and give it a brand new look and feel. They decided to use Trelawny’s TFP200 because it was designed with a 200mm cutting width, increasing the surface area that can be treated at one given time, its precise screw type scaling head adjustment, and its easy to manoeuvre design...

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