Trelawny Pole Scabblers are perfect for deep concrete keying and back-fill tamping, espacially in and around foundations and utility poles. Interchangeable scabbling heads and tamper feet can be supplied to suit most applications.

With their 1.4 m lenght, the Trelawny pole scabblers allows scabbling below reinforcement bars. Their powerful blow quickly removes concrete without damaging the underlying substrate. The pole scabbler range includes a Vibro-Lo™ model, the VL LRS 55. Its safe level of vibrations ensure the comfort, but most importantly the safety of the operator.

Trelawny pole scabblers are equipped with replaceble carbide tipped scabbling heard, ensuring the best performance in a wide range of applications, including the heavy scabbling of hard to access areas such as below re-inforcement bars and between shuttering. The LPS55 and low vibration VL LRS55 can also be used for scabbling of corners, edges and joints as well the fast removal of material. Finally, Trelawny pole scabblers are ideal to produce an aggressive keying without damaging the substrate below.

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