Trelawny’s Peening Preparation tool (PPT) is designed for applications where open blasting may not be possible or simply as a fast economical way of effectively carrying out surface preparation in small or remote areas. It is ideal for preparing flat or large vertical areas such as beams, girders and tanks.

The PPT fitted with “Rotopeen™” abrasive flaps will remove coatings, scale and corrosion while cleaning the surface to a near white metal finish providing up to a 100 micron anchor profile perfect for reapplication.

As another key part of the TVS system, the PPT is designed as a shrouded tool with the abrasive contained within the body of the tool. In conjunction with our K series Type H dust collectors the PPT is a fast, effective way of removing harmful coatings while ensuring maximum containment.

The wide range of models ensure you can find the right tool for the job: available in 50mm (2”) or 100mm (4”) with a range of abrasives in pneumatic or electric versions.

The peening preparation tool, also called hand scarfier, can be used for the fast removal of coatings, scale and contamination as well as the preparation of surfaces for recoating. It is a suitable alternative to small area blasting.

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