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Hydraflex Hold Cleaning Gun Kit


Specifically designed for hold cleaning on bulk carriers and cargo vessels of all sizes, the Hydraflex uses a combination of water and compressed air resulting in a powerful, tightly compressed jet of water able to reach up to 30 metres (100ft)


Model Hydraflex Hold Cleaning Gun Kit
Part No. 342.HY50
IMPA Part No. 55.07.42
ISSA Part No. 55.085.10
Recoil (kg) 10 - 18
Jet Reach (m - ft) 30 - 100
Air Consumption (lps - cfm) 33 - 70
Air Pressure (psi - bar) 100 - 6.9
Water Pressure (psi) 85
Water Hose (mm) 50
Air Hose (mm) 19
Download Hydraflex Cleaning Gun Kit Product Sheet
Download Ops and Maintenance 735.HY01 Hydraflex
Accessory Part Number Description
Gun 342.HY01 Stainless steel quality materials used to prevent corrosion
Instantaneous Water Hose Adaptor 342.HY05
Tripod 342.HY02
Water Hose Coupling 2½'' x 2½'' 342.HY03
Water Hose Coupling 2½'' x 2'' 342.HY04