Trelawny's Back Fill Tamper VL LRS55 is a low vibration tool designed for small area re-instatement tasks in and around restricted excavations. The Tamper is especially useful for the safe compation around objects such as fagile pipes, utility poles and meters.

Developed in association with Thames Water Utilities, it conforms to the New Roads and Street Works Act (UK), and is one of the most versatile compactors available today for deep concrete dressing and back-fill tamping especially in and around deep foundations and utility poles.

The Trelawny VL LRS55 has set the standard for low vibration deep concrete dressing giving added operator comfort without loss of power. Rigorous tests were carried out over a two year period and results show the Trelawny Compactor to be number one in its field.

With a replaceable compactor feet and a wide selection of accessories, the Trelawny VL LRS55 is a lightweight, low vibration tool suitable for many applications, including but not limited to:

  • Small reinstatement around water meters and stopcocks
  • Narrow trench work carried out by cable companies
  • Compaction of tarmacadam or asphalt
  • Compacting close to walls and street fittings
  • Back fill small areas
  • HAUC Compliant: compacts up to 2.19 tonnes/m3, making it suitable for pathways & highway re-instatement.

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