VIDEO - Trelawny Descaling Tools Product Demo at Kelkay LTD

June 26, 2015

We were out in South Yorkshire this week for a product demonstration with Kelkay Ltd.

The Trelawny range of descaling tools, and more specifically the 5ft Long Reach LITE Scraper and TFP200 Floor Planer have been used prior to Kelkay's roof being repainted. The wide range of Trelawny tools ensure the right choice for the job. t

This job was particularly interesting for Trelawny as it was set in a former airfield, and the surface to work on was the roof of the airport's hangar shaped like a curve.

Kelkay needed to get rid of lots of old paints and rust that have built up over the years to create a clean surface prior to repainting. Using a mix of the light weight, handheld Long Reach and the larger floor machine TFP200, they achieved great results as both tools worked a treat.

But dont take our word for it, have a look at our latest video.

Plus d'information sur le Trelawny Long Reach Scraper, disponible en version classique LITE, for the operator's confort.

More information on the Trelawny TFP200 Floor Planer, available in petrol, electric or pneumatic versions.

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