Stripper’s take on Carpet Tiles!

June 01, 2017

Recently we were lucky enough to have one of our clients forward a variety of images detailing their renovation project with the Long Reach Stripper and TFS230 Floor stripper.

The locally based customer was eager to rid the office of their old carpet and have had several rooms refitted with furniture and painted as part of their refurbishment.

Round One

Our long reach stripper, using just 4.5cfm of air, took on the first round against the carpet. This versatile tool had no trouble tackling the tiles, making light work with even stubborn adhesives. One of the key benefits of this model is its length, designed to suit any number of stripping and renovation applications. This suited the requirement and time constraints of our client’s project perfectly, as their contractors were capable of removing the tiles in a matter of minutes, without the back pain of manual labour.

Round Two

The TFS230, electric walk behind machine, being the most robust floor strippers in its class, was then prepared for the final job of the floor removal – the hard to reach skirting board carpet tiles. Being easy to manoeuver in small awkward spaces, our equipment was perfect for the job.

Finally, with a clear floor, the client was able to begin the next stages of their refurbishment, painting and re-surfacing the floor!

Good luck to them with the rest of their building work!

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