Did you know you could use the Trelawny LRS55 on rammed earth projects?

November 18, 2015

The unique Trelawny Pole Tamper LRS55 has recently been used in 3 innovative workshops lead by international architects who came to Turkey to learn the rammed earth technique in real conditions.

Under the lead of Timur Ersen, architect, several projects were conducted where earth is poured in layers into a mould and compressed mechanically in order to build various types of structures, for example houses. Rammed earth is a very solid material once compressed using Tampers such as Trelawny LRS55: its density is similar to concrete and its specific weight varies from 1,8 to 2,2 t per cubic meter.

The Trelawny LRS55 Pole Tamper is a unique tool, chosen for its unique Vibro-Lo™ low vibration feature. Trelawny has developed the Vibro-Lo™ range of reduced vibration pneumatic hand tools in order to help protect the user from injury. With its reduced hand arm vibration features, the LRS55 is designed for operator comfort and ease of use, resulting in 100% customer satisfaction.

Workshop 1: Rammed Earth Oven the Olive Trees

Workshop 2: A Rammed-earth and marble barbecue on Marmara Island

Workshop 3: A wall in the vine

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