Trelawny helps scale back the years of 18th Century Lighthouse

May 05, 2016

The Trelawny VL303 Low Vibration Needle Scaler has once again been put through its paces in yet another mammoth challenge; maintenance works on the 18th century Flat Holm Lighthouse in the Bristol Channel.

MPS Contracts, a company specialising in maintenance and painting works, were awarded the contract to repaint the lighthouse. The project provided many challenges not least the location itself; “Flat Holm Island is a very important Bird Sanctuary so work was limited to non-breeding times and heavy materials had to be transported to and fro by helicopter” said project manager for MPS Contracts, Stephen Miller; “MPS Contracts specialise in awkward access projects, such as lighthouses.

MPS’ selected the VL303 needle scaler as part of Trelawny’s TVS® (Tool and vacuum system) Range to carry out the coating removal work; “The paint on the tower was peeling in places, particularly at high level, believed to be as a result of water penetration into the tower walls” explained Stephen.

Based around Trelawny’s market leading Vibro Lo™ VL303 needle scaler being used in conjunction with a TVS® dust shroud and KV30 industrial vacuum cleaner TVS® forms a high performance, safety focussed system for removing and containing coatings.

With vibration levels of 2.3 m/s2 the VL303 is up to 8 times lower in vibration than standard needle scalers, offering unrivalled performance, reliability and protection of operators.

We chose the VL303 needle gun from Trelawny as it has low vibration characteristics which enabled us to use it for longer periods of time than other guns” says Stephen, adding, “The reliability of the VL303 was very good and was very easy to service!”

Our thanks to MPS Contracts for the information and media.

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