About Surface Preparation Tools

Trelawny SPT is a UK-based manufacturer of Surface Preparation Tools for the Construction, Marine and Oil & Gas industries. They design, manufacture and commercialise a wide range of tools and machines suitable for a wide variety of applications, from scarifying to grinding and polishing.

What is Surface Preparation?

Prior to the application of any coatings or further treatment, Surface Preparation is the process of treating the surface, either mechanically or chemically. The aim is to increase the surface’s attraction to coatings and is crucial to their success.

What methods can be used in Surface Preparation?

Depending on the task that needs doing and the finish desired, various methods can be used.

Scabbling: using compressed air to hammer pistons into the concrete, leaving a rough surface

Scarifying: using loosely mounted cutters to remove material by a chipping action, allowing the operator to control the depth of cut. Various styles can be achieved with interchangeable assemblies for light or heavy stock removal.

Scraping: using a rapid, hammering action to increase production on all types of floor covering removal.

Grinding: using horizontally rotating discs to level, smooth or clean concrete. They use a quick release diamond tooling and provide a smoother finish than scarifiers / scabblers.

What are the steps in Surface Preparation?

What needs removing, what is the current surface, what size is the area?

What is the end result meant to be? What coating will be applied?

Which method should be used? Which machine is the best option? Refer to the Trelawny Application Guide to identify the best Surface Preparation Tool for the job.

Try using the machine on the small patch to confirm the machine fits the requirements of the job.

For more information about Surface Preparation Tools, please have a look at our product range. You can also contact us, send us an email or call us on +44 (0) 1926 883 781 and we will be in touch shortly.