Health and Safety


As those within the industry will be aware, permanent injury can result to the hands and arms from the vibration caused by operating powered equipment. Occasional exposure is unlikely to cause ill health, however regular and frequent exposure to Hand Arm Vibration (HAVS) needs to be managed in order to protect operators.

As a quality and responsible manufacturer, health and safety issues such as these, are a significant factor in Trelawny’s design considerations for each tool and machine. We have developed a particular range of reduced vibration pneumatic hand tools, under our trademark Vibro-Lo™, in order to help protect the user from injury.

Furthermore, we fit our machines with a dead man’s handle device and ensure that motor controls have “zero volt and thermal overload protection”. Due to these safety precautions, our equipment counteracts the hazards of HAVS and stands at the forefront of the market with world leading designs of quality, efficiency and safety.

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The nature of our tools and machines is to remove surface coatings; as a consequence, this can cause dust in the atmosphere. Thus in order to combat this, we provide dust shrouds for all of our equipment, which when connected to vacuum dust collectors (also available from Trelawny SPT), enables the collection of dry dust and debris.

Our tool and vacuum system (TVS™) range of products has been designed specifically to ensure the recovery of lead based paint, radioactive contaminants and other hazardous and non-hazardous materials from the source of surface preparation equipment and hand tools, which further provides a safe and clean working environment.

In industries such as nuclear and steel preparation, our tools will often be used to carry out projects in hazardous and flammable environments. For such circumstances, we produce spark resistant copper beryllium needles and scabbling bush heads. This metal combines high strength with non-magnetic and non-sparking qualities to deliver a safe and yet efficient execution of the task at hand.

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